Start Your PERFECT Day in Slovenia with a Typical Alpine Breakfast Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

Start Your PERFECT Day in Slovenia with a Typical Alpine Breakfast Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

From locally sourced cheese, meat, butter, jam and yogurts to homemade bread and pastries – wide range of breakfast options will lead to your perfect and healthy day in Slovenia!

Locally produced delicacies

Welcome to Alpine Breakfast, from where you can ORDER a delightful breakfast basket that is full of fresh local flavours!

Whether you’re a meat lover (Tasty Triglav), a vegetarian enthusiast (Bohinj Bliss), or crave the unique Bohinj Trout (Sava Sensation), they have something to satisfy every taste and preference. Each of the tasty Alpine Breakfast boxes comes with a selection of handpicked ingredients from nearby farms.

When ordering, you can choose for two sizes of your Alpine Breakfast: one is perfect for two and the other suits a family of four.

Whether you’re treating yourself, sharing a cosy breakfast for two, or gathering the family around the table, Alpine Breakfast promises an experience like no other.

Daily baked bread and pastries

As a cherished family-owned Slovenian establishment, founded in 2022, they rise early to create these delectable treats from scratch. They take immense pride in their passion for baking fresh bread and pastries while celebrating the abundance of the local farms.

They bake the bread with a small amount of yeast and with a longer fermentation process, which makes the bread easier to digest without any heaviness or discomfort.

Also, due to natural fermentation process, their bread stays fresh longer.

You can find mini ‘potičke’, Slovenian traditional pastry cakes in their breakfast baskets, as well. This sweet tradition was passed down through generations.

Butter and cheese from Triglav National Park

Their dairy products come from a high-mountain organic farm that follows the highest standards of sustainable farming and thus preserves the natural balance. With these ecological principles they produce hay milk with exceptional quality and taste.

Even their granola is something special – they craft it in-house using Slovenian wholesome oats and locally sourced honey, providing the perfect blend of natural sweetness and crunch.

They are especially proud of the butter and cottage cheese from the heart of the Triglav National Park. In this unique location, dairy products are produced in a special way, with an emphasis on preserving the natural environment and traditional preparation methods.

Place your order today and have your FRESH, CONVENIENT AND TIME-SAVING Alpine Breakfast Delivered to Your Doorstep!

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