Sustainable Eating: An organic farm and two fine dining restaurants are first to receive the new Slovenia GREEN Cuisine label

Sustainable Eating: An organic farm and two fine dining restaurants are first to receive the new Slovenia GREEN Cuisine label

The first to acquire the new culinary logo were the Tourist & Eco Farm Pri Baronu, Gostilna pri Lojzetu (Zemono Manor) and COB Restaurant.

The Slovenia Green Cuisine logo is the one to follow if you are a foodie who cares for sustainability.

Gastronomy is an IMPORTANT part of tourism

When it comes to gastronomy, Slovenia has always followed the sustainability approach, focusing on seasonal, local, and organic dishes.

Moreover, Slovenia is the European Region of Gastronomy for the year 2021, and it is the first country (and not region) to be named as such. Though the global pandemic and restrictions on global travel has hit the catering providers very hard (the restaurants have been closed for months in Slovenia), many of them have still continued with their work – bringing their cooking to Slovenian homes.

Slovenia is the European Region of Gastronomy 2021.

A new culinary sustainability label

Authenticity of the offer, connection with local suppliers, orientation towards nature, operation with as little waste as possible, use of clean water, environmental responsibility and employee responsibility – are just some of the principles the food providers are committed to.

At ‘Tourist & Eco farm Pri Baronu’ in the village of Planica nad Framom, they were among the pioneers of organic farming in Slovenia. Prior to being chosen as the Slovenia Green Cuisine destination this year, they also obtained a certificate of the European quality scheme Organic Production and the Green Key certificate. Their special feature is the permaculture way of farming.

Zemono Manor House and COB Restaurant

Perched on a wine-growing hill in the village Zemono near Vipava, the gastronomic offer at Gostilna pri Lojzetu inside the Zemono Manor is now being designed by the fourth generation. The leading man – chef Tomaž Kavčič is known for showing off the flavours of the Slovenia’s Vipava Valley on a plate, and his every single dish is enveloped with the rich local tradition.

Chef Tomaž Kavčič with his team – ‘Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Zemono Manor‘ is one of the five Slovenian restaurants with the Michelin star. (Photo:

Cooking Outside the Box is the idea of COB Restaurant, located above the coastal town of Portorož. Together with the great vista over the bay, they offer a wide variety of selected local Istrian specialties.

All this and holding a new green cuisine label – this certainly sounds like a place to head to for a little treat once the travel is possible again!

COB Restaurant is a small fine dinning restaurant which is trying to preserve the local Istrian diches and flavours. (Photo: COB Restaurant on FB)

Featured Head Photo: Šenk’s Homestead (Šenkova domačija) in Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia

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