Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Only 23 km (14 miles) from the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, you can spend a day back in time in Škofja Loka. This small town is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole country and it […]

Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj?

This is the question Let’s Go Slovenia gets asked quite often by people, who are making their travel itinerary prior to their first Slovenia visit. So, what is that they should know? Featured photo: Lake Bled, Slovenia (Photo: Samo Šmarčan) Too close for big dilemmas […]

Welcome to Slovenia’s region of Jeruzalem!

Yes, you did read it correctly. There is a place with a name Jeruzalem in Slovenia, too. But in Slovenia, Jeruzalem is a small settlement in the northeastern part of the country. It is best known for its endless vineyards and the breathtaking panoramic views […]


Composed of baroque and renaissance buildings with some stunning views of mountains and valleys the town of Radovljica is also home to Slovenia’s Museum of Apiculture. In a country where there are five beekeepers for every thousand people, the museum is well worth visiting to […]

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Vintgar Gorge – your destination in Slovenia!

Vintgar Gorge – your destination in Slovenia!

We were thinking for quite some time if we should share this with you or not … One becomes very protective of the natural beauty when it cuts deeply into all the senses. But a hike along 1600 m long Vintgar Gorge with waterfalls, pools […]

The Spectacular Predjama Castle in Slovenia

The Spectacular Predjama Castle in Slovenia

Many visitors say that the Predjama Castle in Slovenia is is unlike anything they have seen before. The castle is built into the karst rock, which makes the cave and the concrete perfectly merge into one! By @letsgoslovenia Predjama Castle is also known as the […]

Postojna Cave  – TOP choice of your trip in Slovenia

Postojna Cave – TOP choice of your trip in Slovenia

As you might already know, Slovenia is a charming small country, known for its natural beauty. One of the wonders of the nature that you should not miss when visiting, is the amazing Postojna Cave. Consequently, we can guarantee this visit will stay in your […]