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The Tallest One is in Slovenia!

The Tallest One is in Slovenia!

Slovenia is a country of many amazing things, especially when it comes to nature and its beauty. But did you know that in Slovenia you can also find the tallest tree of mid Europe?

With its official 61.8, meters, Sgerm spruce (Sgermova smreka) at Ribnica na Pohorju is the Europe’s tallest Norway spruce (Picea abies) as well as the tallest tree of mid Europe.

The first official measurements were carried out in 1938, and even then the giant spruce measured an impressive 51 meters. By the mid-1990s, its height already exceeded 60 meters, and ten years later, it soared to today’s 61.8.

The magnificent pine tree is the tallest in Slovenia and Central Europe, and the most
glorious example of the natural heritage in Slovenia.

The tree, which is located on the Sgerm Farm near the village of Ribnica na Pohorju, is around 250 years old. Members of the Kristan family, who own the Sgerm Farm, are happy to show visitors their record-breaking tree.

And some even try to climb it!


The hanging tower of Pisa is 10 meters lower than the highest pine tree in Central Europe.


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