The “less known Picasso” is coming to Ljubljana

The “less known Picasso” is coming to Ljubljana

January 4, 2021 (Source: STA)

Ljubljana Moderna Galerija, the national museum of modern art, will put on an exhibition of illustrations by one of the most famous artists of all time, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Works from a private collection in Trieste

Throughout his life, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was dedicated not only to painting, but also to illustrating. The exhibition titled Pablo Picasso: The illustrations, which will be on view from May to September, will bring together a series of Picasso’s illustrations from a private collection in Trieste.

The collection is owned by two sisters, who were good friends of Slovenian painter Zoran Mušič (1909-2005). The Slovenian part of the collection, which includes works by Mušič, will be donated to Moderna Galerija after their death.

The exhibition pays tribute to them, presenting works by Picasso that also inspired Slovenian artists. Picasso’s illustrations of poetry, opera and other works will be on display.

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