Visiting the Tolmin Gorge – Just Spectacular!

Visiting the Tolmin Gorge – Just Spectacular!

On a hot summer day we visited the lowest point of the Soča Valley – the Tolmin Gorge. It is a an easy hour long hike from the town of Tolmin (approx. 2km out of town).

The Soča River Valley 

The Soča River Valley in Slovenia is a true paradise for all the nature lovers. It is also known as the valley of action and energy! Hikers, bikers, rafters and all the adrenaline lovers will find something to do here!

NEW: Due to limited number of visitors visiting the gorge at the same time, it is recommended buying tickets in advance ONLINE and avoid queuing at the ticket office. In case of a sold-out time slot, you can buy a ticket for any next available time slot.

Beautiful Tolmin Gorge.

Beginners, intermediate or hiking-pros will also love the Soča Valley. It is a great place to relax, stretch the body and take in tons of fresh air.

Also, the views from everywhere you step your foot are just phenomenal!

At the Dolina Soče Tourist Office in the center of Tolmin they will be happy to provide you with the directions and the map to the gorges.  Ask for the shorter path which runs by the river. There are no shuttles provided from the town to the gorges. Taxis from the main bus station might be an option, they will probably charge between 6-8 euros one way.

If the day is very hot (like it was in our case), make sure you have water with you for your hike to the gorges and for the hike through the gorges. There are no shops on the way. Just before entering the gorges there is a nice restaurant. There is also a big parking lot in front of the entrance point.

Tolmin Gorge
Incredible hike through the Tolmin Gorge will refresh you on a hot summer day.

Hiking through the Tolmin Gorge

At the entering point of the Tolmin Gorge there is a ticket office. The lady who works there provided us with a great map of the hiking tracks inside the gorge’s area. Some parts of the hiking tracks, which enable a view of the gorges both from the top and from the bottom, run by the crystal clear turquoise water.

You can wander through the gorge on several levels.

The great thing about the Tolmin Gorge – if you visit them in the summer is – that it is so pleasantly cool there. Allow yourself time to appreciate what you see.

There are many areas that are jaw dropping beautiful. When you make it down the stairs all the way to the Tolminka river, you can spend time sitting right next to it, and enjoying your perfect day in the nature.

Bring suitable shoes

The paths are well maintained, but in some places it can be slippery. So wear good shoes. There is quite some walking to do, and as we already mentioned – there are steps, so be prepared. The views are amazing in all directions. Also, it might be a bit challenging for children. Don’t let them wander around by themselves.

About 3-4 km long hike can take you up to 2 hours. There are many highlights along the way – beside the stunning views of the crystal clear turquoise water. One of them is The Devil’s Bridge and the other is the The Bear’s Head.

There is also a cave called the Dante’s Cave.

Beautiful nature, really worth the visit!

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