TOP 5 of Maribor: Slovenia’s Timeless Treasure

TOP 5 of Maribor: Slovenia’s Timeless Treasure

Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and the largest city of the traditional region of Lower Styria. It may be lesser-known than some of Slovenia’s other tourist destinations. It’s waiting to be discovered!

It’s a 2,5 hour train ride to Maribor from Ljubljana. Which means it might be a bit hard to make it a day trip using the public transportation. We took a train from the capital Ljubljana and made it a weekend trip. This gave us enough time to explore and enjoy this beautiful city.

Cultural experience at its best

Maribor is situated on the banks of the Drava River and surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. It is a city rich in culture and heritage, with a thriving arts scene that includes theatres, galleries, and museums.

You can step back in time as you wander through Maribor’s atmospheric Old Town, where narrow cobblestone streets wind their way past centuries-old buildings, quaint cafes, and bustling markets.

Marvel at the Gothic architecture of the Maribor Cathedral and stroll through the lively Grajski trg (Castle Square) for an unforgetable experience of the city. Also, see this interesting sculpture which is the Liberation Monument located at the Liberty Square (Trg Svobode).

TOP 5 of Maribor

  1. Maribor Cathedral (Cathedral of St. John the Baptist): This stunning Gothic-style cathedral dominates Maribor’s skyline. It is an architectural masterpiece worth visiting. Don’t miss the chance to climb the bell tower for panoramic views of the city.
  2. Maribor Castle: This medieval fortress offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and hosts various cultural events and exhibitions.
  3. Lent District: Located along the Drava River, Lent is Maribor’s oldest and most charming district. It is filled with quaint cafes, restaurants, and historic buildings. It’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll.
  4. Maribor Wine Routes: Maribor and its surroundings are known for their wine production, particularly white wines like Šipon and Renski Rizling. Explore the wine routes, visit local wineries, and indulge in wine tasting sessions.
  5. Maribor Regional Museum: Learn about Maribor’s history, culture, and heritage at this comprehensive museum. It features exhibits ranging from archaeology to contemporary art.

These are just a few highlights, and there are many more attractions and activities to explore.

Maribor Wine Museum (Stara trta)

The Maribor Wine Museum, also known as Stara trta (Old Vine) is a unique and charming museum. It is renowned for being home to the oldest vine in the world.

The Stara trta vine, which is around 440 years old and holds a special place in Slovenian cultural heritage.

The museum is in a beautiful building nestled in the heart of Maribor’s old town. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the rich history and traditions of winemaking in the Maribor region. It boasts a long and esteemed viticultural heritage dating back to Roman times.

Be sure to try some local wine, as Maribor is situated in the heart of Slovenia’s renowned wine-growing region. 


Surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and the majestic Pohorje Mountains, Maribor offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Hike or bike through the scenic countryside, paddle along the Drava River, or hit the slopes in the winter months for skiing and snowboarding.

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