It might seem a bit peculiar at first (especially comparing to Ljubljana charming Old Town), but once you dive into it, Trubarjeva Street opens some new doors and views to Ljubljana cultural and urban life, which has been developing here over many decades.

Eclectic mixture of unique shops, bars & boutiques

In the midst of the Old Town Ljubljana hustle and bustle, located just off the city’s main Prešeren Square, you can stroll (or bike) down the Trubarjeva Street. There’s a certain level of nostalgia to this street, as some shops here have remained unchanged for over half a century.

For instance, a family run store called ‘Dežnik’ (Umbrella) on Trubarjeva 13, where umbrellas and parasols have been made and repaired since 1967.  

Trubarjeva street Ljubljana
DEŽNIK (Umbrella) – umbrellas and parasols repair shop since 1967.

Trendy twists

In between those blasts from the past, some new trendy stores appear.

Like one of Ljubljana coolest wine stores Štorija, where delicious local wine, including a popular orange wine can be tasted and purchased.

Wine Bar ŠTORIJA: Orange wine is becoming very popular in Slovenia and elsewhere!

Or further down the street the Central Station food and cocktail bar, where young music lovers meet.

A second hand clothes store, a shop selling rolling papers and pipes, a hat store and ice-cream stand – a list of places in Trubarjeva street just goes on.  

Trubarjeva street Ljubljana

Food & cultural diversity

Trubarjeva Street is constantly changing, yet it still manages to keep its laid-back and friendly vibes.

The growing number of the international food bistros and restaurants is showcasing the cultural diversity of the area.

In this bohemian Ljubljana street you’ll also find a House of Experiments (after crossing Resljeva Street). The legendary Foto Pauli and Stevo Hair Salon are in the second part, too.

At the end of it, coffee and sweets at Trubar Cafe or a beer at Mačkon Pub always perfectly complete every Trubarjeva stroll.

Trubarjeva street Ljubljana
With its latest road renovations Trubarjeva is also becoming one of the prettiest pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets of Slovenian capital. ?‍♀️?‍♂️?

Trubarjeva At Your Fingertips Community

There is also a community of “Trubarians” out there, called Trubarjeva Na Dlani/Trubarjeva At Your Fingertips. They are posting all the latest happenings and vibes from Trubarjeva Street.

Trubarjeva street Ljubljana

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