Two Slovenian climbers make the whole world HOLD its breath

Slovenian world-class climbers Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic took the climb of their lives and tackled the longest artificial multi-pitch route in the world on the highest chimney in Europe.

Free climb with only a safety rope

Soaring 360 meters into the sky, the Trbovlje Power Station in Slovenia is home to Europe’s tallest chimney. In October 2020, Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic became the first people to free climb the chimney’s new route which is now the tallest artificial multi-pitch route in the world.

The pair, who had just a rope to catch them if they fell, were successful on their second attempt after over seven hours of climbing.” It’s definitely the most special thing I’ve done in my climbing career. It is climbing, but it’s a combination of just about everything I experienced before, just combined in one thing,” Škofic told CNN Sport. (click link for VIDEO)

You can also watch the YouTube video of their incredible achievement, that was reported about all over the international media!
Slovenian climbers scale Europe’s tallest chimney – 360 meters! – YouTube

The route with 13 pitches

The longest climbing route was designed by licenced Slovenian route setters Katja Vidmar and Simon Margon.

The route has 13 pitches, with the most difficult one graded 8b+. They used some 800 holds, which weighed over two tonnes.

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