Unique Slovenia Stays: Garden Village Bled Resort

Unique Slovenia Stays: Garden Village Bled Resort

Feeling completely in tune with nature is at the heart of Slovenia. Garden Village Bled glamping resort takes eco-holidaying to a whole new level.

Near Lake Bled

Who would have thought that by building houses in the trees and putting up tents by a stream you can attract even the most demanding guests?

But a great location just a walking distance from one of the world’s famous natural attractions Lake Bled, and a well planned fusion of nature and luxury proved very successful for the Garden Village Bled.

Garden Village Bled

Hidden in the midst of the lush gardens, this soul nourishing place holds hands with the great comfort. Though it looks like »trees and tents« kind of a place from the outside, the looks in this case are especially deceiving. In reality this facility is much more than it appears to be.

Ah, that smell of wood …

Here is where you wake up in the tree tops and to sounds of falling water, rejoice in the smell of wood and intact nature, enjoy breakfast in a greenhouse style all organic restaurant (open also to non-guests), and have a swim in the biotop natural pool while your first cup of coffee waits steaming on the breakfast table.

From world jet-setters and eco-friendly travellers to tourists looking to spend their holidays in a different, more integral way, the well-visited resort is a treasurable disconnect from the outside world.

Garden restaurant

Built over an abandoned gardening space, the idea of growing vegetables, fruits and herbs on its property is in the centre of the Garden Village Bled. Their gardens are also where the resort’s restaurant gets its seasonal vegetables from, while all other selected ingredients are delivered from organic local farms.

Really imaginative dishes are on the menu here all year round, presented as contemporary dishes with a touch of local tradition. Fresh herbs are grown on the restaurant’s tables; guests are also welcome to pick the vegetables, apples and berries from the gardens on the property and enjoy the tastes of organicly grown produces.

No need to bring a sleeping bag …

When this highly enjoyable eco-friendly holidaying village opened in 2014, guests were delighted with its minimal intervention in the natural environment and carefully placed unique features.

Besides comfortable tree houses (one is for honey-mooners), tents pitched on a pier above the pond, glamping tents with hot tubs, and luxurious studio apartments, the glamping spot has its own source of drinking water, heat pump, a finish sauna (among the trees), and a stream with natural massage waterfall.

Garden Village Bled Resort

For some additional relaxation (in case you will be still needing more) there’s also Kneipp therapy and a spa. An open fire place adds to a camping-like atmosphere, but in this case no need of  bringing sleeping bags with you – as you will be sleeping on first-class mattresses.

At the top of experience, access to Lake Bled’s beach is just down the road from the resort, a whole new world only five minutes walk from the facility.

Lake Bled, Slovenia.


Cesta Gorenjskega odreda 16

4260 Bled, Slovenia

+386 041 606 257


Website: https://www.gardenvillagebled.com/en/

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