Vintgar Gorge – your destination in Slovenia!

Vintgar Gorge – your destination in Slovenia!

We were thinking for quite some time if we should share this with you or not … One becomes very protective of the natural beauty when it cuts deeply into all the senses.

But a hike along 1600 m long Vintgar Gorge with waterfalls, pools and rapids of the clear alpine river is so impressive, that we cannot keep quiet about it.

Vintgar Gorge is near Lake Bled

The Vintgar Gorge is very near Slovenia’s most popular tourist destination – Lake Bled. But many foreign visitors (and domestic, too) are not aware of this while coming to see the beautiful Bled.

Our driver from Mamut Slovenia Outdoor Agency based at Bled’s main bus station told us that internet certainly did its promotional share. Furthermore, the beauty of the Vintgar Gorge has been spreading across the digital globe with a GREAT SPEED!

The Vintgar Gorge is definitely a place that you’d like to keep it entirely for yourself. In truth, once you visit it, you dream about having it all for yourself. Just closing the gate and just go there for a solitary walk every day for the rest of your life.

There is an option of walking there from Bled. You can also book a lift from Bled to gorge for 10 euros return with Mamut Slovenia.

From Bled the route leads north towards the village of Podhom. All along the road there are clear signs for Vintgar Gorge, and then by local roads the route leads to the entrance to the gorge itself (3.5 km from Bled).

Arranged for visitors for more than a hundred years

The path through Vintgar Gorge leads along the wooden bridges, galleries and rushing river Radovna through the picturesque gorge, which measure 1600m and ends with 26-metre waterfall Šum.

Along the narrow passage, where the Radovna river thrashes loudly against its rocky confines, there are paths, galleries and bridges constructed in the rock.

Don’t miss your chance to experience something you will never forget.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOUR VISIT: Vintgar Gorge is a one way walk, which means visitors come back the same way. Some areas of the gorge get steep and can be difficult for people with walking disabilities (and also small children).


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