Welcome to Jeruzalem in Slovenia!

Welcome to Jeruzalem in Slovenia!

Yes, you did read it correctly. There is a place in Slovenia called Jeruzalem!

We are talking about a small settlement in the north-eastern part of the country best known for its endless vineyards and breath-taking panoramic views over the church towers and scattered vineyard cottages.

One summer in Jeruzalem

Some years ago, I have spent a great deal of my summer in Slovenia’s Jeruzalem as a participant of an international summer camp. We were a group of about 15 adults, who were looking after approximately 30 children coming mostly from the capital Ljubljana. Our summer program included discovering the region, some sports activities and also participation in the cultural events  of the main towns of the region – Ormož and Ljutomer.

It was an experience I will never forget, not only because of the amount of pure excitement of the children being out in the nature, but also because of the unforgettable scenery and peace around us.

Most of all, in my memory there is an image of a vast area of endless hills and fields that seemed to be there just for us to observe and enjoy. I don’t remember when I spent so much time outdoors, and with such intensity.

We made friends with the locals, and at the end of our stay in the village we were even invited to a wedding there. All of us.

Jeruzalem is an idyllic village, and at an altitude of 341 m the highest peak in the area.

Hidden, but it hides best holiday pleasures

Without doubt,  Jeruzalem wine region is among the rare authentic hidden gems of Europe. It’s a secluded setting far away from tourist crowds. Scenic vineyard hills will overwhelm any visitor looking for a top value food and wine tasting experience.

Here you can rent a traditional Slovenian vineyard cottage and discover your favourite wines in a private wine cellar.

Carefully selected wines are accompanied with a homemade meal from a wood-fired clay oven. Vegetables from the front garden are enriched with the local pumpkin seed oil dressing.  This is a place where unique flavours of Central European cuisine come together. A glass of sweet Traminer wine or late harvest Muscat, with a warm cottage cheese dessert at the end.

This part of Slovenia is also perfect for active vacations. From cycling, adventure mountain biking, Mura river rafting and Drava river swimming, to exploring the rich wildlife.

In the valley you will find operating mills floating on the Mura river, selling fresh buckwheat and corn flour. And in the hills you will admire wooden wind rattles, used by local winemakers to protect their harvest from birds.

Staying in a vineyard Jeruzalem house

By foot or on a bike, picturesque landscape of Slovenia’s Pomurje region, part of which is Jeruzalem, welcome visitors . The huts at the top of the hills offer amazing views of the green terraces and golden corn fields in the Pannonian Basin.

If you are looking for a break from a predictable holiday experience, booking a stay here is a pretty amazing idea.

Holiday House Podhamer

To promote this hidden corner of Slovenia called Jeruzalem and Pomurje, Let’s Go Slovenia travel blog is cooperating with the Holiday House Podhamer.

Spending holidays in a vineyard cottage in the heart of Jeruzalem vineyards is a great choice for all looking for unique and memorable holidays. Only 4 km distance from the town Ljutomer, the idyllic Holiday House Podhamer offers accommodation at the top of the hill.

Furthermore, vineyards and glorious views surround the house to the four points of the compass (Austria, Hungary, Croatia). The hosts also provide the best  local tips about outdoor activities and day trips.  

Wonderful sunsets and the views over infinite vineyards are also included.

Holiday House Podhamer is right at the top of the hill.

For more information and reservation visit: https://www.podhamer.si

or call Sebastian at 00386 41 343 656

By Mari Podhrasky (@mari_podhrasky) / Twitter

Featured images by Holiday House Podhamer

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