What is the problem with Slovenian railways (and traveling by train)?

What is the problem with Slovenian railways (and traveling by train)?

Slovenian government finally started investing into its railways. This is of course great news! However, the railway works will be causing even bigger delays in the years ahead (2024 and 2025), during the reconstruction works.

We LOVE traveling by trains, but …

Delays in the Slovenian railway system can be attributed to the ongoing reconstruction efforts at multiple locations, creating bottlenecks in the railway network. Besides the planned upgrades, parts of the Slovenian railway line were flooded/washed away in recent floods. On some sections only one track is operational at the moment.

The current bottleneck is so called “Sava River line” towards Croatia, where numerous projects are currently being implemented.

Ljubljana-Zidani Most upgrade is causing substantial delays in travel times. The second extensive rail works from — Maribor to Šentilj — are said to be very close to completion. However, in the future, this line will be upgraded once again to two rails.

Photo credits: Slovenian railways

Plan your trip ahead

According to Slovenian Railways: “In the long term will bring opportunities for better public rail transport, more frequent train connections, renewed train stations and new stops.”

Dear travellers, plan your train trip accordingly. Beforehand, check the train timetables, there should be updated on the Slovenian Railway website.

Here is also 2024 week to week works schedule. Use online translator, if the Slovenian Railways hasn’t translated them yet.

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