What’s going on at Ljubljana Castle?

What’s going on at Ljubljana Castle?

January 5, 2021 

Ljubljana Castle is a symbol of Slovenia’s capital and an interesting tourist point just a walk up from the city centre … 

Open daily between 10 am and 6 pm 

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the residents of Ljubljana can find a little escape or recreation climbing the castle’s hill and retreating behind the castle walls.  

Though the funicular railway is not operating, and there are almost no foreign visitors, Ljubljana Castle’s viewing tower remains open. So, getting closer to the sky and enjoying the most beautiful views of Ljubljana and its surrounding areas is still possible. 

Bonus exhibition about Slovenian fairy tale’s images 

Together with a viewing tower ticket (3,5 euros), visitors get a free admission to an indoor exhibition. 

The title of this lovely presentation is Behind the Nine Mountains; Slovenian narrative tradition. The authors Anja Štefan and Irena Matko Lukan have chosen images from Slovenian fairy tales that they believe are most imprinted in our common memory, such as the Golden Bird, King Matjaž, Mojca Pokraculja …  

The Castle Cafe is closed, but there is a take away coffee and snacks van at the castle court premises. 

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