Which Is Slovenia’s Oldest Wine?

As Slovenia is a land of wine, many wonder where is the oldest of its most ‘precious drop’ to be found …

Slovenia and archival wines

It is known that in the wine world, the purchase of archival wines is considered an investment, much like the purchase of gold or works of art. Therefore, most archival wines are owned by known or unknown collectors.

In Slovenia, the tradition of buying archival wine is not so lively. But we wanted to tell you about the oldest wine in the country, which is kept in the wine cellar of Ptuj – also known as the oldest town in Slovenia.

Zlata trta (Golden Vine) dates to 1917 and there are still about 200,000 bottles of wine kept in their archive collection.

The oldest Slovenian wine “Zlata trta” (Golden Vine) from 1917 in Pullus wine archive, Vinarski trg 1, Ptuj.

Ptuj Wine Cellar

Zlata trta 1917 (Golden Vine 1917) was stored in the Ptuj cellar by wine wholesaler Josef Ornig. After he emigrated to Graz, his son Pavel took over the family business.

He was the one who built their archive cellar during the WW II, today’s Ptuj cellar on Vinarski trg 1, and thus protected it from war predators.

In addition to keeping exceptional vintage wines, the Ptuj Wine Cellar is also known as a cellar that creates pleasant, contemporary, and popular wines behind its thick historical walls.

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