Who needs a break by the Slovenian miracle spring at the foot of St. Ursula mountain? We all do!

Who needs a break by the Slovenian miracle spring at the foot of St. Ursula mountain? We all do!

Slovenia is a land of healthy waters. No matter which part of the country you visit, you will always be able to find water sources. Furthermore, according to folk testimonies and legends, some water has special power. Already tempted?

Kotlje and its healing water

In Kotlje in Koroška region of Slovenia (Carinthia), you can try water from the Roman Hot Spring. The site by the springs used to be a very famous health resort in the past, with people coming here for a treatment from all over the world.

After decades of decay, the new owners of the former spa are now planning to demolish a 125-year-old building and build a new boutique hotel on the site next year.

A new boutique hotel will be built on the site of the old hotel.

The hotel has a prime location at the foot of Mount St. Ursula (Uršlja gora) and in the midst of unspoilt nature.

Old glory

The locals of Kotlje and its surroundings have been drinking the water from their spring since the 15. century.

Due to its pure alkaline and sulfur-free brine, their Roman spa (Römerquelle) had the status of a natural health resort for patients with stomach, urinary, vascular and anaemic diseases.

A postcard from Kotlje Roman Spa from 1898. (Photo: Archive NUK)

Back in the day, a tiny village of Kotlje was made famous throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Their water has even earned the title of the best table water in all restaurants in Klagenfurt, Graz and Vienna.

Edelweiss flower (Planika) is a trademark of Kotlje acidic water. It is also printed on bottles of healing water.

The Kotlje Roman spring has always been valuable for the future of Koroška. We truly hope the new boutique hotel will see the light as it’s planned.

We will be the first ones to visit! 🙂

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