Will there be kurentovanje this year?

Will there be kurentovanje this year?

If it wasn’t for coronavirus, the annual winter carnival in Ptuj, known as “Kurentovanje” would be kicking off on 6 February. But … 

The kurent (or korent) is a traditional Slovenian carnival character from Ptuj, Dravsko Polje and the surrounding area of eastern Slovenia, that represent one of the symbols of the Slovenian identity. 

Clothed in ship-skin, crazing around with the loud shaking of their bells – the kurents are supposed to drive away winter from the land, and invite in spring. 

However, Slovenia’s largest carnival festival “Ptuj Kurentovanje” will be – as expected – happening online this year. Organizers have already announced that there will definitely be no major outdoor events, let alone carnival parades.  

We will share more information about online carnival participation as soon as it will be available.  

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