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A young Slovenian sets a new record

A young Slovenian sets a new record

Ana Čufer, a student of geography at the Ljubljana University, and a well-known mountain runner, has set a new women’s record of running from Alpine valley Krma to Mt. Triglav and back. She performed an extraordinary venture within three hours and thirteen minutes. Amazing accomplishment!

Ana Čufer likes to run. She was last year’s winner of the Slovenian Cup in mountain racing. Among the highlights of this year we can definitely include the run at the Wings for life in Chile and the second place at a recent run in Italian Collina, where she set a new record in the downhill running.

Ana at the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain Mt. Triglav (2864 meters) Photo: Dejan Grm

Now she has another great achievement!

Despite the gloomy weather conditions and the fact that there is snow on the Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav, she managed to set a new women’s record running to Triglav and back. She started running at Krma valley, across Planika plateau and then to the summit of 2864 meters high Triglav. She repeated everything in the opposite direction. In total she managed to return to the starting point in 3 hours and 13 minutes. Fantastic!

The purpose of the venture (in addition to the fact that Ana Čufer loves challenges) is to present to the general public a female mountain running and the fact that veganism is a healthy lifestyle.

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